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Tijuana Cartel - They Come

Tijuana Cartel - They Come

A rather unfortunate name if you happen to live in the north west corner of Mexico... The Tijuana Cartel is one of the most violent drug and crime cartels in all of Mexico.But Australia's own Tijuana Cartel is taking over in a very different way. They operate up and down the Gold Coast, flying under the radar with a very unique sound that's hard for promoters to describe, leaving punters - not sure what to expect.From the Tijuana Cartel bands owns lips, it's Carlos Santana after living in Iraq for last 10 years, but the sound is a lot more complex than that. It's a big sound, a dance sound, an eclectic selection of live instruments supporting a mixed blend of beats and samples.Like many flamenco influenced bands in Australia, you could pass them off as just another fusion band, but have a listen. The sound is uplifting, positive and very palatable even for those that have cast of hip-hop and electronica. This is Australia's answer to Ojos de Brujo , its flamenco, its reggae, its funk, its afro-cuban and its hip-hop; but there is something very Australian about the sound, it lacks the ego and anger of its American counterpart and is grounded with it's earthy style.An almost perfect blend of eastern percussion, flamenco guitar breaks, Mexican brass and big phat dance beats. You can work to it, relax to it or dance to it.[ad name="googleadt"]Tijuana Cartel are Paul George on vocals, sitar, flamenco and slide guitar; Carey O'Sullivan on keyboards, electronica and guitar; Daniel Gonxalez on latin percussion; Shannon Von Horn on trumpet; and an always present selection of guest performers including MC Regan Hoskins (MC & vocals), DJ Freddy FLyFingaz (scratch) and Adam Dann (Darabuka and Djembe).Tijuana Cartel » They Come (2009) is the latest of two albums preceded by Frequent Flyers (2007). These guys are a committed and hard working dance band touring right across Australia and Overseas with a grueling schedule, but when they step on stage expect to be infected by there uplifting attitude and antics.Tijuana Cartel play:

  • Bryon Bay

    • Beach Hotel

    • 28th May 2010

    • Sydney

      • Coogee Bay Hotel

      • 12th June 2010

      • Cairns

        • Winter Solstice Festival

        • 19th June 2010

        • Melbourne

          • Northcote Social Club

          • 25th June 2010

          • Bali and New Caledonia

          • And a string of east coast dates

Check the Tijuana Cartel Myspace Page for a full list of gigs.