Flamenco Flatland

Red Bull Flamenco Flatland was a unique event that combined BMX tricks with flamenco. BMX Flatland is an urban sport where riders combine tricks on their bicycles and combine them to music. It's choreography on wheels with the cardinal rule that their feet must never touch the ground.Before this it was Germany and Bach, and now it's Granada, Spain and flamenco.[ad name="googleadt"]The judge of Flamenco Flatland was Rafael Amargo, one of Spain's leading choreographers and modern flamenco dancers. Rafael and his troupe had the task of judging how well the cyclists combine BMX with flamenco dance as they performed their tricks and choreography to live flamenco music and following on from a flamenco dancer. The winner of the competition is not the rider who can come up with the best tricks, it's the rider who can perform the best mix of flamenco and BMX.The event took place within the Palacio de los Córdova on May 13th 2010.We have picked a selection of the best video clips from Red Bull Flamenco Flatland and have scheduled them to be shown as part of our regular online video night here at flamencoaustralia.org » Monday June 14th 2010