Flamenco Australia Magazine is all about Australian flamenco and flamenco for Australians!

It is an online magazine that regularly publishes articles for Australia’s flamenco community, as well a directory of flamenco teachers and events across the country.

Australia has a strong flamenco community of professionals, students and aficionados. Flamenco Australia Magazine aims to promote Australian flamenco artists, teachers and their students, and provide information and inspiration about all things flamenco.

The website was launched in 2009 by Paul French to provide a directory of Australian flamenco teachers and events. With its accompanying newsletter and Facebook page, Flamenco Australia Magazine has quickly grown into a valuable resource for flamenco content and contacts throughout Australia.

In 2019 Flamenco Australia Magazine welcomes new editor, Catherine Miller.



Catherine miller

Welcome to Flamenco Australia Magazine, I’m Catherine!

I’ve been in love with flamenco for a long time since seeing the Ballet Nacional de España in the 2004 Adelaide Festival. I took my first flamenco dance classes a couple of years later in Adelaide and my interest continued to grow. In 2014 I became truly hooked after spending a month in Seville and attending the Festival de Jerez.

I had to take the plunge! I left my library and information management career in Australia in 2015 and moved to Spain to study flamenco dancing. I lived in Seville for almost four years and during this time I studied under maestros such as Milagros Mengíbar, Javier Barón, Luisa Palicio and Manuela Ríos.

What started out as a gap year in Spain became a lifestyle. I’m now based in Brussels, Belgium, but Andalusia is still very close to my heart. Flamenco is lifelong learning for me.

Sharing my love for flamenco through this magazine is a joy. I look forward to continuing to learn with you. 🖤