Holy Week In Spain

Holy Week in Spain and all christian communities is the week before Easter and the final week of lent on the Christian calendar, It runs from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. Palm Sunday commemorates the day that Jesus (believed to by his followers to be the prophesied Jewish Messiah) rode into Jerusalem on a donkey with the crowds laying palm leaves in front of him. Easter Sunday is the great feast after lent and celebrates the resurrection of Jesus after he was crucified on Good Friday. In Spain and more specifically in Andalusia, Holy Week is a marked by processions of pasos or tronos (large floats and alters carried by the members of specific congregations. Holy Week in Spain is known as Semana Santa and the processions can last up to 11 hours. Seville and Málaga hold some of the most elaborate Holy Week processions anywhere in the world. Following a tradition that started in medieval times and has now spread to other cities in Andalusia.