Gerundino - A Flamenco Hero

Gerundino Flamenco Comic

Gerundino Flamenco Comic

Bujío de Ideas, based in Seville, are launching a new animation series with a strong flamenco theme.The series is called GERUNDINO - Un viaje a través del Flamenco (A Journey through Flamenco) and includes additional chapter titles like:

  • Fiesta en Triana A Fiesta in Triana, Seville.

  • Silverio Franconetti en Uruguay A golden age (1800s) flamenco singer and café cantante owner from Seville. An important figure at the time when Gypsy singing began its move from private gatherings and seedy taverns to a more commercially viable venture and refined artistic experience in the Cafes.

The main character is of course Gerundino, a like-able genie who lives within a guitar (the little guy in the purple hat.) He accompanies three children; Dani, Manuela and Periquín on a historic journey that initiates them into the world of Flamenco with a deep understanding of its history.This is being released in comic novel form and also twenty six (12 minute) animated episodes for television complete with a flamenco soundtrack.The goal of the series is to realise a flamenco history and make it accessible to a younger and more general public in Spain. Music, adventure, learning, action and flamenco.

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