Giraldillo Awards 2010

The Giraldillo Awards are a Bienial de Flamenco event, one that has been developing for over thirty years. Today they are flamenco's version of the Oscars and a final big Bienal night, six months on from this landmark Festival in the world of flamenco.As a TV event, this is good publicity for flamenco and broadcast on Canal 2 Andalucía. A chance for our famous flamencos to glamour-up and for flamenco lovers to see their favourite stars in a different context.For the recipients of these awards it's a reminder of their efforts and a source of inspiration to remain faithful to the art of flamenco.The Giraldillo award ceremony of the 16th Bienal de Flamenco was held last Month on the 22nd of February 2011 at the beautiful, Teatro Lope de Vega in Seville.The winners are actually published well ahead of time, so no surprises on the night. Also, no surprise that the following magic moment from Andrés Marín's "La Pasión según se mire" which took the Giraldo for Momento Mágico Bienal 2010.

The Giraldillo Awards 2010

  • Best Vocals: Pansequito

  • Best Dance: Isabel Bayón

  • Best Guitar: Juan Carlos Romero

  • Giraldillo for Mastery: Moraíto

  • Best New Performer: David Carmona

  • Giraldillo for Innovation: Pastora Galván

  • Best Production: "Dunas" by María Pagés

  • Best Stage Director: Juan Ruesga for the "Cuando yo era…" by Eva Yerbabuena

  • Best Choreography: Rubén Olmo

  • Best Music: "La Pasión según se mire"

  • Momento Mágico Bienal 2010: "La Pasión según se mire". For the duo danced by Andrés Marín and Concha Vargas.

  • Best Musical Performance: Rènaud García on double bass in the show "Sin Muros!" by Dorantes

  • Best Vocals for Dance: José Valencia

  • Best Accompaniment: Ex aequo Antonio Carrión and Ramón Amador

  • Special Judges Award: Miguel Poveda for his show "Historias de viva voz"

  • Giraldillo of Honour: Paco de Lucía



Miguel Poveda opened the 2010 Bienal de Flamenco with his show on the 15th of September and although Paco de Lucía officially closed the show with his performance on the 9th of October we thought it fitting to feature Miguel Poveda's segment from the Canal TV broadcast of the Giraldillo Awards. His award was accepted by his sister (a talented dancer) Sonia Poveda.The Giraldillo awards themselves are a miniature version of El Giraldillo, one of the most recognised symbols of Seville, a bronze sculpture and possible one of the largest created during the Renaissance. At 3.5 metres high, El Giraldillo has functioned as a weather vane for over 400 years and stands on top of the Giralda Tower of the Cathedral of Santa Maria (originally a mosque and the tallest building in Europe during the late 12th century).The Giraldillo has always been a symbol of triumph (originally one of victorious christian faith). Today the Giraldillo awards showcase the triumph of flamenco over the modern media and its successful translation into theatre, film and radio.With the flamenco faith spreading and becoming stronger and stronger in countries like Australia. It would be fitting to remember an old quote (Miami Herald 2002) from Miguel Poveda, that is very relevant to flamencos living outside Spain...

"You don't need to be Andalusian or gypsy to feel flamenco as your own music. It belongs to the world, to those who feel it and do it well."