Turning up for Term Four

Term Four is nearly upon us, spring is in the air and end-of-year festivities are just around the corner. For many flamenco students across the country, term four is the year’s final opportunity for us to embrace the challenge of flamenco and polish up on technique and expression.

Whether or not you have the goal of performing in your end-of-year concert or you just want to make the most of the final weeks of classes in 2019, here are four tips for getting the most out of this term:

1. Have a goal

There is always something to improve on in flamenco! The list doesn’t seem to end. And while it’s good to have big goals about continuous improvement, sometimes giving your attention to one or two things can yield the best results. What’s one thing that you can focus on noticeably improving? Be it a piece of the choreography, a chord change, or even something as simple as your posture, identify your goal and keep coming back to it every class.

2. Get in the flow

Flamenco is all about being in the moment. Honour your class and practice time and be there, physically and mentally. Even if your time is limited, concentrating fully on the music and the rhythm whenever you’re in class gives you an opportunity to enjoy full immersion in flamenco and get the most out of it.

3. Get support

Flamenco is always about teamwork so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Teachers want you to learn! If there is a particular step or beat that you haven’t conquered, ask for clarification and take note of the instruction so that you can work on understanding it further outside of class. Term four is also the perfect time to find a practice buddy for a bit of extra support and inspiration.

4. Have fun

Whether you’re completing your first year of flamenco classes or you’ve been doing this for years, flamenco has to be about passion. Enjoy what you do! Enjoy the music! Enjoy the energy! Flamenco is a living art and there’s no such thing as perfection. Term four might mean extra rehearsals and the opportunity to polish the year’s work, but it’s also about enjoying the process, seeing how far you’ve come, and celebrating the pleasure of flamenco.

What are your tips for success? Wishing everyone a great Term Four and if you have any further suggestions, please leave a comment below.