Flamenco Australia Magazine has a new website

Hi, my name is Catherine Miller! Welcome to the new Flamenco Australia Magazine website.

I am very excited to be taking Flamenco Australia Magazine into its next phase. This resource for Australia’s flamenco community is getting a new look in April 2019 with a brand new website and new regular magazine articles. You will see the new look and feel on the Facebook page and Twitter account too.

Flamenco Australia Magazine has been running since 2009 when the website was first founded by Paul French. When Paul and I first started talking about me becoming Editor, we were both clear that the magazine should retain its fundamental aim of supporting the Australian flamenco community.

The website will continue to maintain a directory of flamenco classes and events. If you notice a teacher missing from the directory, or have an event to include in the calendar, please contact me. The website will also publish a new article every fortnight. You can access articles from the previous website in the Archive. I will do my best to include topics of interest to the whole community, including dancing, guitar and singing. If you have a suggestion for an article you can always get in touch! Of course, news and updates will continue to go out via Facebook and Twitter as well as the Flamenco Australia Magazine Newsletter, which will be up and running again this Winter.

I am enthusiastic about the future of Flamenco Australia Magazine and extremely grateful to Paul for all his hard work and dedication in building the Flamenco Australia Magazine community over the past ten years.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for me, I’d love to hear them. I’m also looking forward to uploading some new content from Seville, where I’m currently based.

I have been in love with flamenco for a long time since seeing the Ballet Nacional de España in my hometown, Adelaide, in 2004. Ten years later I took my first trip to Seville for flamenco dance classes. In that same trip I also attended the Festival de Jerez along with my teacher Emma Fernee from Adelaide’s ‘Studio Flamenco’. I was hooked on Spain and had to take the plunge!

In 2015 I moved to Seville and have been studying flamenco dancing here for almost four years. What started out as a gap year in Spain has become a lifestyle and a promise of lifelong learning for me. I know there are so many of us who feel the same way. It’s our commitment and passion that make the Australian flamenco community so strong!

So once again, welcome to the new website. I am excited to hear from you over the coming months and hope to continue to shape the Flamenco Australia Magazine into a trusted and informative resource for our community.

I look forward to continuing this journey with you!

x Cathy