Córdoba Guitar Festival 2010



Cordoba Guitar Festival 2010

Cordoba Guitar Festival 2010

Paco Peña

Paco Peña

The Córdoba Guitar Festival was founded by Paco Peña, exactly thirty years ago and is now one of the great places to see and learn the three important aspects of flamenco; Cante, the song; Baile, the dance; and Guitarra, guitar playing.The host city of course is Córdoba, Paco Peña's birthplace and home to a thriving flamenco scene. The city of Córdoba is slightly larger than Canberra with about the same population. It is smaller than its two famous neighbours, Seville to the West and Granada to the South East.The Córdoba Guitar Festival is an annual and world famous event that takes place during the first fortnight in July and attracts the worlds best guitarists, teachers, craftsmen, composers and performers.Great flamenco guitarists known to frequent the festival have included Paco Peña, Paco de Lucía, Manolo Sanlúcar, Tomatito, Vicente Amigo, José A. Rodríguez, Paco Serrano and Sabicas. But this legendary line-up of famous names extends into other genres to include B.B. King, Chuck Berry, Bob Dylan, Carlos Santana, The Pretenders, John Fogerty, John Mayall, Pat Metheny, Gary Moore, Larry Coryell, John McLaughlin, Mike Stern, Toquinho, Raimundo Amador, John Scofield, Joe Satriani, Larry Carlton, Robben Ford and many more.[ad name="googleadt"]The festival is considered, by many, to be 'the best place' to learn and polish your flamenco guitar skills, with stages and areas devoted to guitar making and courses for a varied range of playing styles. Each night there are world class performances by world-famous guitarists, flamenco guitar legends, flamenco dance and performance troupes, and chart topping bands. The Córdoba Guitar Festival also includes presentations, conferences, panel discussions, cinema screenings, book launches, exhibitions and awards.

Manolo Sanlúcar, Rocío Molina, Paco De Lucia, Deep Purple, Javier Latorre, Eva Yerbabuena and Mark Knopfler

Manolo Sanlúcar, Rocío Molina, Paco De Lucia, Deep Purple, Javier Latorre, Eva Yerbabuena and Mark Knopfler

Córdoba Guitar Festival 2010

Manolo Sanlúcar

Manolo Sanlúcar

Celebrating it's 30th anniversary this year, The Córdoba Guitar Festival is bigger and better than ever.Some of the headline performance acts in 2010 include; Compañía de Javier Latorre, Eva Yerbabuena, Paco de Lucía, Placebo, Mark Knopfler, Deep Purple, Johnny Winter and Joe Bonamassa.The big event for visiting flamenco guitarists is the chance to learn directly from Manolo Sanlúcar one of flamenco's greatest living guitar legends. As the course director of  "Naturaleza y Forma de la Guitarra Flamenca" (Nature and Form of the Flamenco Guitar), Manolo Sanlúcar and three other instructors will spend thirty six hours with fifty flamenco guitarists over nine days.

“I’m going to give the people who study with me all the information I have so that they thoroughly understand that flamenco is an extraordinarily scholarly culture.” Manolo Sanlúcar

Corey Whitehead

Corey Whitehead

Someone who has studied extensively with Maestro Sanlúcar is Professor Corey Whitehead of the California State University, Fresno. Dr Whitehead runs what has long been considered the best flamenco guitar program in the United States. Offering students a degree in music performance with an emphasis in flamenco guitar.

As part of an interview we will be publishing soon on flamencoaustralia.org, Corey stressed the importance of Manolo Sanlúcar's annual course in Córdoba, "I want to reiterate, the best way to learn flamenco is to spend quality time in Spain at the Córdoba Guitar Festival. Anyone who would like to meet with me in person in Córdoba may find me there at the Hotel Boston in the Plaza de las Tendillas where in the "Reloj de Córdoba" Juan Serrano's Music has chimed on the hour and quarter-hour since 1960. I stay there because Maestro is always reminding me to stay hard at work each time the clock strikes. I will be there for the duration of the festival July 5th-25th, 2010. Nos vemos en Córdoba!"

During the festival, The Flamenco Professor will be sharing his access with us by way of some exclusive live updates, thoughts, concepts, philosophy and observations from inside the Córdoba Guitar Festival 2010.

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Festival de la Guitarra de Cordoba - 6 to 25 July 2010

As usual the programme is split into two components:

  • THE TUITION PROGRAMMEThis is pretty extensive across many styles so we are just going to mention the main flamenco classes here. Alternatively you can visit the official English and full version of The Córdoba Guitar Festival Tuition Programme.

    • Flamenco Guitar

      • Manolo Sanlúcar: "Naturaleza y Forma de la Guitarra Flamenca" (The Nature and Form of the Flamenco Guitar).Manolo Sanlúcar, José Antonio Rodríguez, Paco Serrano and Manolo Franco, assisted by David Pino (cante) and Lola Pérez (baile).36 hours - 50 places. The course is open to all levels, but you are required to send in a CD of your solo flamenco playing, which is then used to split the group into four levels. Each group is then rotated amongst Manolo and the other teachers. The cost is 315 euros, approximately $390 USD or $470 Australian dollars. At the time of publishing, positions were still available.- 12th to 20th of July 2010 (10am to 2pm)

      • Flamenco Dancing These flamenco dance classes are all 12 hour intermediate to advanced classes, each held over several days and limited to only 15 places, allowing students to master the specific and specialised focus of each course. Cost per course is 85 Euros.

        • Inmaculada Aguilar: "The choreography of La Caña with Bata de cola and Shawl"- 6th to 9th of July 2010 (10am to 1pm)

        • Javier Latorre: "The Interpretation of a Character in Flamenco Dancing"- 10th to 13th of July 2010 (10am to 1pm)

        • Matilde and Rocío Coral: "Triana by Tangos"- 14th to 17th of 2010 (10am to 1pm)

        • Rocío Molina: "Character and Interpretation on Variations of Different Palos and Structure of the Seguirilla Choreography"- 19th to 22nd of July 2010 (10am to 1pm)

        • Flamenco Singing

          • Calixto Sánchez: "Vocal Technique for Flamenco Singing"12th to 15th of July 2010 (10am to 1pm)


        • Tuesday 6th of July 2010

          • Paco Peña: “Misa Flamenca”
            Entry by Invitation

        • Wednesday 7th of July 2010

          • Compañía de Javier Latorre: “El Duende y el Reloj” (The Duende and the Clock)

        • Thursday 8th of July 2010

          • Marlango

          • Pepe Romero

        • Friday 9th of July 2010

          • Ismael Serrano: “Acuérdate de Vivir” (Remember to Live)

          • Duo Assad

        • Saturday 10th of July 2010

          • “F-2” Arcángel & José Antonio Rodríguez
            Sponsored by the Andalusian Agency for the Development of Flamenco

          • Iliana Matos: guitarra clásica (classical guitar)

        • Sunday 11th of July 2010

          • Leo Brouwer: “Cántico de Celebración” (Song of Celebration)

        • Monday 12th of July 2010

          • Eva Yerbabuena: “Lluvia” (Rain)

          • Carmen Ros: guitarra clásica (classical guitar)

        • Tuesday 13th of July 2010

          • Celia Morales: guitarra flamenca (flamenco guitar)

        • Wednesday 14th of July 2010

          • Fito Páez: “Confía” (Trust)

          • David Russell

        • Thursday 15th of July 2010

          • Javier Ruibal And The Orquesta De Córdoba (Oliver Díaz, musical director)

          • Conciertos De Alumnos

        • Friday 16th of July 2010

          • Serrat: “Hijo de la Luz y de la Sombra” (Son of the Light and the Shadow)

          • Flavio Rodrígues: “Anyway”

        • Saturday 17th of July 2010

          • Deep Purple

          • Amir-John Haddad & Almeraya Quinteto Flamenco: “Pasando por Tabernas” (Passing through Tanernas)
            Amir-John Haddad is an ex-Radio Tarifa member

        • Sunday 18th of July 2010

          • Ximo Tébar & Ivam Jazz Ensemble

          • Carlos Ledermann: “Gotas de Anís” (Drops of Anise)

        • Monday 19th of July 2010

          • Trio Joubran

          • Ignacio Rodes

          • Raul Mannola: “Guitarra adentro”

        • Tuesday 20th of July 2010

          • Johnny Winter

          • Lore Raus
            Winner of the VI International Guitar Festival of Cordoba

        • Wednesday 21th of July 2010

          • Manuel Barrueco, Wulfin Lieske, And Orquesta De Córdoba (Juan Luis Pérez, musical director)

        • Thursday 22nd of July 2010

          • Joe Bonamassa

          • Conciertos De Alumnos

        • Friday 23rd of July 2010

          • Placebo

        • Saturday 24th of July 2010

          • Paco De Lucia

        • Sunday 25th of July 2010

          • Mark Knopfler

    • Registration for any of the flamenco courses may include free entrance into the flamenco shows in the Gran Teatro. Registration to two or more courses will come with greater access to concerts and discounts on concert tickets.

Paul (Managing Editor)

Paul (Managing Editor)

Registration for any of the flamenco courses may include free entrance into the flamenco shows in the Gran Teatro. Registration to two or more courses will come with greater access to concerts and discounts on concert tickets.Editor's Note #2: "We hope this helps you if your planning a trip to Spain in the near future. Other great flamenco pilgrimages include the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla (September 2010) , Festival Flamenco de Jerez (Feb/March 2010), Carme de las Cuevas (Granada any time) and of course there is always the next Córdoba Guitar Festival (July 2011) - all great reasons to start saving for the $2000 airfare from Australia. Look out for our series of articles on Flamenco Guitar with Professor Corey Whitehead."Official website » The Córdoba Guitar Festival