SYDNEY: Johnny Tedesco in Noche Flamenca

One of Melbourne's hardest working flamenco performers, Johnny Tedesco, is the guest artist in Diana Reyes' new production, "Noche Flamenca" - Newtown, Sydney, 21st and 22nd of July, 2012. As a Flamenco Magazine with a home-ground interest in Australian artists and inter-state collaborations, we asked Diana Reyes for a brief look forward, towards Johnny's appearance in the upcoming show.

"He is an amazing dancer and I'm sure our Sydney audience will be thrilled to see him perform in the intimate atmosphere of the Flamenco Studio Performance Space..."

Diana has worked on new choreographries for the show...

"... having Johnny as a guest in this program will both inspire my own dancers and thrill the audience...."

A new, slightly raised, dance floor has been created for the venue, giving the audience the chance to further appreciate the musical talent that dancers, like Johnny Tedesco, bring to the stage. The improved acoustics and in-the-round seating are key examples of the respect that Diana Reyes has for her performers and one that good flamenco footwork truly deserves.

"Our audiences are continually growing and people come back time and time again, as they are so impressed with the quality and pureness of our shows."

Johnny and the four dancers from Diana Reyes Flamenco will be accompanied by the fabulous singer Antonio Soria and guitarist Felipe Kunze, who will both perform solos.Bookings on (02) 9557 1825 or 0418 214 020or email - our international readers, or those that have yet to see Johhny Tedesco perform, check out the following link, taking you about half way into, what is undoubtedly one of the greatest, publically available, moments in Australian flamenco history.