CADIZ: Flamenco Summer School for Internationals

A five-day flamenco summer school has begun for 50 international students from 20 different countries in Cadiz. The International flamenco course offered by the Centro de Arte Flamenco of Esperanza Fernández offers courses in singing (Esperanza Fernández), dance (Miguel Vargas), palmas and percussion (Javier Katumba) and guitar (Javier Ibáñez).While most of the international students, from countries like Brazil, USA, Finland, Poland, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, have some previous knowledge of flamenco and its different Palos, some are embracing flamenco for the first time. It is often a simple intensive flamenco course like this, in the heart of flamenco Spain, that can rewards new students with a passion for flamenco, more often than not, resulting in them being hooked for life.Each year the course focusses on one Palos so that all the students can come together for an end-of-course show and - Diario de Cadiz

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