Farruquito Released

Spanish flamenco dancer Farruquito completed his jail sentence today.Farruquito (Little Pharoah), born Juan Manuel Fernandez Montoya, was arrested in 2004 regarding a hit-and-run death, while speeding and driving without a license in 2003. His three year jail sentence began in 2007 and was reduced to a work furlough in 2008 (only having to sleep in the prison south of Seville).Police had traced the car and Farruquito's younger brother who confessed to the crime, later corrected by Farruquito, after wire taps relating to a family drug trafficking investigation revealed he was the one who had hit the 35 year old Benjamin Olalla, who died at the hospital not long after the incident.[ad name="googleadt"]Farruquito, now 27, was a child prodigy of Flamenco Dance and is the heir to a long tradition of Flamenco handed down from the great El Farruco (his grandfather), El Moreno (his cantaor father) and La Farruca (his bailaora mother). Farruquito debut on Broadway (NY) at aged 5 and later went on to debut his first show at the Royal Albert Hall in London at age 15.He is the figurehead of the dance academy in Seville which upholds the Farruco tradition and probably most remembered by Australian Flamencos as the young boy (aged 11) in the Carlos Saura film - Flamenco.The flamenco dynasty, Los Farrucos still tour and perform with a family of Farrucos, often 10 strong. Farruquito will be performing on the 1st of March at Teatro Villamarta as part of the Festival de Jerez in Spain 2010.