Flamenco en Rage (ABC TV)

Flamenco 'Boy with a Coin" video

Flamenco 'Boy with a Coin" video

I was able to catch a couple of commercial videos last month, that have finally made their way down under. Both videos make good use of the cool rhythms and sexy style that has become the new lyrical flamenco in this decade.The first one has been aired on Rage (ABC TV) a few times and we promptly receive a few emails from subscribers every time it airs, asking if we caught it or could track it down...So here they are...This first video is fantastic and a very modern use of flamenco in a music video clip, even though it actually came out in 2007/2008.The musician is 'Iron and Wine', the current vehicle for Sam Beam (Austin, TX). Sam is a prolific song writer and many of his songs featured heavily in the film 'In Good Company' (2004) and more recently 'Twilight' (2008).The following song is titled "Boy with a Coin."The set up... Sam Beam accompanying a flamenco dance class, the surprise is that while it's not flamenco he's playing, the music has an old rich sound to it, expertly played with a warm and catchy tone... It's worth listening to the song without the visuals and it would obviously make for a surprising and exciting warm up song for any flamenco dance class (just to ease them in).

"A boy with a coin he found in the weeds. With bullets and pages of trade magazines. Close to a car that flipped on the turn. When God left the ground to circle the world."

The dance class begins and the girls effortlessly go through a stunning marking and upper body choreography undercut with melodic guitar, haunting vocals all driven by a steady stream of palmas... The teacher looks on sternly, silently critiquing every move (as perfect as they are). Her bata de cola falling around Sam's chair is the only hint of what is about to come...

"A girl with a bird she found in the snow. Then flew up her gown and that's how she knows. That God made her eyes for crying at birth. Then left the ground to circle the Earth"

She picks up her skirt and the girls hand over the floor... Yaelisa's bata is dropped like a witch preparing a spell and stirring a cauldron... And then the real magic starts!!!

"A boy with a coin he crammed in his jeans. Then making a wish he tossed in the sea. Walked to a town that all of us burn. When God left the ground to circle the world"

Her skirt has an extension and duende all of its own, skillfully cast and controlled she weaves a spell upon the dance floor as her frill gives birth to a flock of little... duendes?The whole song and its performers are finally reduced to a silent enlightenment. Wonderful stuff!!! And of course very palatable with your Aussie friends who are not flamencos and who are unfamiliar or put off by traditional flamenco cante. I think the cinematographer is Davina Lee?The Director is definitely Lauri Faggioni of Black Dog Films. I recognized Yaelisa (also the choreographer), Melissa Cruz and Fanny Ara from Caminos Flamencos (An exquisite San Francisco Flamenco Company)...Yaelisa along with her partner Jason McGuire and they company have built up a popular following in the USA by continually creating modern and innovative theatrical presentations around flamenco. Here is the full list of flamenco dancers appearing in this video clip: Yaelisa, Melissa Cruz, Fanny Ara, Mizuho Sato, Clare Catalina, Paloma Rios, Evelyn Nacif, Briseyda Zarate and Vanessa Acosta