USA: Authentic Flamenco Touring LA, NY & SF

Festival Flamenco Gitano will be touring America with an all-star flamenco cast from Spain including; world-renowned guitarist, Diego del Morao; 14-year-old dance prodigy, El Carpeta; Los Farruco matriarch, La Farruca; Gypsy flamenco singer, José Mercé; dancer and singer, Juana la del Pipa; singer, Enrique el Zambo; and dancer - Gema Moneo.Under the artistic direction of Nina Menéndez (The Bay Area Flamenco Partnership) this authentic flamenco troupe will tour San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City from September 27th to October 7th. It's a long way from Flamenco Australia, so here are a series of YouTube links to the various featured artists... - Diego del Morao - El Carpeta - La Farruca - José Mercé - Juana la del Pipa - Enrique el Zambo - Gema Moneo

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