Cádiz: 20 Years without Camarón de La Isla

Memorial events marking 20 years since the death of Camarón de La Isla (born José Monje Cruz) are taking place globally and, of course, throughout the heart of Flamenco Spain. Homage concerts, photo exhibits, biographical presentations, radio talk back shows, Peñas, church services, news articles and even his name trending on Twitter in Spain are contributing to an international recognition of Camarón as flamenco's most celebrated legend. Camarón de La Isla was born in Cádiz on the 5th of December 1950 and died forty-two years later, on the 2nd July, 1992.Camarón brought flamenco to a heterogeneous and international audience at a time when the genre was in crisis, and revolutionised the art-form. http://www.diariodecadiz.es/article/ocio/1293928/flamenco/como/homenaje/perfecto.html - Diario de Cádiz http://www.flamenco-world.com/noticias/camaron20noticia29062012.html - Flamenco World

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