Farewell from Paul

Flamenco Australia Magazine

Flamenco Australia Magazine

As the founder of this website, it is time that I hand over the reins to a new and dedicated editor who can fully realise the initial dream I had for the Flamenco Australia Magazine. So in the words of Douglas Adams, this is actually a farewell to all my loyal followers. Many of you have been with me for 10+ years. The goal when I started this online magazine was to bridge the community Australia-wide and to connect the pockets of flamencos and flamenco lovers to each other. It is my hope that in some way, over the last 10 years, I have also connected new Australian's to the lifestyle that is Flamenco.For me, it was always a labour of love and passion. Communication with you ALL was always a joy and a pleasure. Throughout that journey, it was crucial for me that I remain neutral. I am truly honoured to have been part of your journey.It has been a struggle for me to maintain the Flamenco Australia Magazine over the last two years and for a while, I thought the site would just fade away. It is here, right now, that my journey with you ends but I am So Happy to have found someone amazing! Someone who can carry on the legacy and truly serve the flamenco community in Australia like I never fully could. I'll introduce her in the next and final post from me ;) The most important thing you need to know is that SHE IS THE RIGHT PERSON, with:

  • Professional Flamenco Training.

  • Fluent Spanish.

  • A regular presence in Spain.

  • A literary background.

  • And a neutral position in the community.

She will do amazing things and has plans to focus heavily on the actual "Magazine" element.I trust that you will support her during the transition and help guide her as to what you want from the magazine. She already has really exciting projects planned that I could never have realised myself. It makes me really proud to know that the "Flamenco Australia Magazine" will be bigger and better than I could have ever imagined.Much Regard and Respect to you all.

Founder and editor of the Flamenco Australia Online Magazine (2009 - 2019)