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2019 festival roundup

Here we take a look at some of 2019’s big flamenco festivals that you can expect to see popping up in your social media feeds over winter. Cover photo of Olga Pericet by Paco Villalta courtesy of Festival Flamenco Alburquerque.

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Ready for Feria 2019?

The Feria and flamenco go hand in hand - or so it seems - as this Seville celebration is captured in images of flamencas in brightly coloured dresses dancing Sevillanas. But how much flamenco can you actually see at the Feria in Seville?

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Flamenco Australia Magazine has a new website

Hi, my name is Catherine Miller.
I am very excited to be taking Flamenco Australia Magazine into its next phase. This resource for Australia’s flamenco community is getting a new look in April 2019 with a brand new website and new regular magazine articles. You will see the new look and feel on the Facebook page and Twitter account too.

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