Postcard From Granada - Inge Muhlhauser

Australian flamenco in Spain

Australian flamenco in Spain

EDITORS NOTE:A postcard from Melbourne flamenco dancer and teacher, Inge Muhlhauser.

Hola from Granada! Well its been around 11 months since I moved to Granada, Spain and I have to say I'm loving every moment here. I work as an assistant English teacher at a IES Nazarí Secondary school in Salobreña, three days a week.Salobreña is on the coast, plus I work as an English teacher in a couple of other places so I'm certainly not short of work... Ironic being in a country that is experiencing a crisis, but contrary to what you might see on the news, a crisis doesn't hold back fiestas, ferias and the spirit of Spain. As for flamenco, I've been quietly training at Carmen de las Cuevas from the moment I arrived. I've already had the privilege to train with such great masters such as; Esther Marin, Javier Martos, Ray Benitez, Pilar Fajardo, Hara Heredía and Ana Calí. It feels great to be a student again learning from such talented, local artists and now I have an even deeper understanding of Flamenco. It makes you realise how little you know about Flamenco, even after 19 years, there are so many more layers of learning this complex art form. At the moment I am forming a flamenco group to eventually perform in the Albayzín and while that will take some time to come together, I am excited about getting back into performing after a big break. Living, working and dancing in Granada is most definitely a 'flamenco dream' come true and while I do miss my family and friends back home, I love my life here and I'm starting to feel like one of the locals. I have fabulous, new Spanish friends, plenty of work and a great social life. Only those who have experienced Spain, you will understand what I mean when I say, the social life here is amazing! I will, indeed, be here for at least another year and probably more as my life is well and truly established here in the beautiful city of Granada, España.


Inge aka La Rosa